Our favorite heartland loner Juiceboxxx has unleashed an explosive new EP with us on Dangerbird entitled Never Surrender Forever, embracing a new rock-oriented direction and pushing his sound further into the future. The newest single from Never Surrender Forever is a fiery post-punk blast called “Ripping Up My Soul” and its music video has just been premiered by our friends over at The Fader.

Juiceboxxx himself describes the tune to The Fader aptly, stating “This song is about a life spent on the edges of 10,000 different underground music scenes, never fitting in, always losing my mind.” Extrapolating on the lyrics of “Ripping Up,” he goes on to ask “How do you grow up when you still love rock & roll? It is a very real question and I don’t know if I have any answers. I continue to make records and especially perform live because it still gives me something that I can’t get anywhere else. I can’t just start a career as a contemporary artist, you know what I’m saying? The craft of what I do is born out of dive bars and basements, and I’m trying to take it somewhere else. Somewhere bigger. I wanna change my life. One day at a time. Also I’m not rapping on this song.”

Change your life with us today. Watch “Ripping Up My Soul” on The Fader and listen to the Never Surrender Forever EP on all major music platforms now.