Juiceboxxx released the final glimpse of his new record, the catchy new single “In The Basement.” Featuring Matt Sharp–founding member of Weezer and The Rentals–on keys, it’s a song that finds Juiceboxxx examining his formative subterranean community, in remembrance of times past.

“This song is about a life spent in ‘DIY music,’ whatever that means. It has been like some sort of weird surrogate religion for me–a thing I’m always questioning, always rebelling against, but ultimately always coming back to,” says Juiceboxxx. “I don’t really know where I’ve been or where I’m going. I do know I love music. I’m taking it one day at a time, still haunted by those basement dreams and rock and roll nightmares.”

“In The Basement” follows previously released singles “Coinstar Song,” “Running So Deep,” and “Kids Are Looking.”