Beady Eye "Millionaire" Music Video Premiere on Facebook

Friday April 8, 2011 - 49 months ago

Watch Beady Eye 'Millionaire' music video on Facebook

The music video for Beady Eye‘s latest single, “Millionaire” from the album Different Gear, Still Speeding is premiering today on the Beady Eye Facebook Page.

The video was shot in Spain last month between dates on the band’s recent European tour.

Bassist Andy Bell explains the story behind the song — “the song “Millionaire” was written in 2007. I wrote it after a trip to Spain. It was springtime, it was still snowing in Sweden, and I happened to be talking to my mate Iain, who I know from years back in Oxford. He’d moved out to Barcelona a few years before, and he just said get yourself over here for a week…” Read more.



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