Bad Veins Make Multiple Year-End Lists

Saturday December 26, 2009 - 61 months ago

Bad Veins is showing up on year-end lists all over the place – from ESPN writer Paul Shirley’s Top 10 Albums of the Year to AbsolutePunk writer Gregory Robson’s Top 10. Shirley describes the Bad Veins debut:

“Cincinnati’s best kept secret. The duo of Benjamin Davis and Sebastien Schultz have crafted an album that’s fuzzy, melancholic and symphonic. Backed by heavily layered instrumentation, megaphone vocals, impassioned drumming and irresistible hooks, this self-titled debut falls somewhere between The Strokes and The Flaming Lips. With epic, grand-scale arrangements, no one song triumphs the other. Equal parts rousing, swaggering and sun-drenched, Bad Veins is a towering album and one not to be overlooked.”



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