We are very pleased to welcome Los Angeles band Cones as this month’s MICRODOSE artist. Cones’ first single with us “Later” will be out November 10th as part of our MICRODOSE series. We will also be hosting a free show to accompany this single at Dangerbird HQ in Los Angeles on November 17th. You can learn more about the show and RSVP here.

Cones are the Rosen brothers, Jonathan and Michael. Jonathan was infatuated with pop music from day one. He cried when he realized Elvis was dead. He would build cardboard drum sets in his room and play along to the Bee Gees. In contrast, Michael had a technical and academic approach to music. Trained in piano and composition, he studied in the classical tradition, writing his first opera at the age of 16.

Prior to starting Cones, the brothers played in the backing band for Eleanor Friedberger (of the Fiery Furnaces), helping to write and tour on her latest record New View. While on tour, Jonathan and Michael conceptualized a new project. One that would fuse Jonathan’s pop sensibilities with Michael’s lush soundscapes and key-heavy orchestration. One that would rely on an entire lifetime of brotherhood – sounds that Jonathan could draw and images that Michael could hear.

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