Kicking off the sessions for Butch Walker‘s latest album, Stay Gold, these 4-track demos reveal the jubilant spirit of rebirth and celebration that guided the sessions for the album.  Recorded and mixed by Walker on an 80’s Teac 244 4-track cassette multitrack recorder, Cassette Backs is an unvarnished look at a prolific artist in full control, liberated from pretense and dedicated to the noble pursuit of Rock and Roll.

Walker’s 2015 release Afraid of Ghosts saw the typically buoyant rocker reveal a more subdued and vulnerable side following the passing of his father.  It was a turning point for the prolific Grammy Award-nominated producer and songwriter as the first time Walker put someone else (Ryan Adams to be specific) in the drivers seat for recording.

After the long tour supporting the Afraid Of Ghosts Walker was more than ready to turn it up and blow it out with Stay Gold, once again conspiring with Adams who is credited with “guitar, piano, vision, and overall album concept,” much to the delight of Walker’s legions of longtime fans.

Cassette Backs compiles stripped-down early versions of standout songs from Stay Gold, including a stunningly sparse version of the album’s title track, alongside previously unreleased songs about hoodlum friends, exasperating kids, old times and lost loves with hints of doo wop, folk, pop, rock and everything in between.

The limited edition 12″ vinyl will be available on Friday, November 25th (Black Friday) exclusively at participating independent record shops listed at

Its Gotta Get Easier
Wilder In The Heart
Bad Friends
Stay Gold
Smoke And Mirrors
Did We Ever Really Fall In Love
Roll Me Out